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As the “glitter queen” at North Star Glitters I know my glitter.  Like most young girls I craved to have anything that sparkled.  If it was covered in glitter I had to have it. The love of shiny things never left me and grew to me exploring with glitter in my makeup, hair, and even incorporating it into my work.

I left my career in education to stay at home with my small 2 boys (who also love glitter).  One evening the curious four-year-old found himself in a glitter mess at the bathroom counter and I found myself saying, “There has to be a better way to use glitter.”  So out of a want for a more efficient glitter makeup and a need to keep my bathroom tidy, came the creation of North Star Glitters: one-step, no-mess glitter cosmetics.

We work to bring you premium cosmetic glitters that not only look amazing but perform well and are easy to use.  North Star Glitters has given me the chance to turn my love of glitter into a career and connect with glitter lovers all over the world.  These glitter lovers have proven to me that a little sparkle goes a long way.

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