UV Reactive Colors

UV Colors Have you ever wondered what makes our UV glitters glow under black light? Our UV glitters are formulated in the same way as our metallic, holographic, and iridescent glitters. So why do some glow while others don’t? It’s all about color! You’ve probably heard that black absorbs light while white reflects it. All…

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Cosmetic vs Craft Glitter: What’s the difference?

One of the biggest questions people have in the world of glitter cosmetics is “can I use craft glitter on my face?” The answer is NO! So, what makes it so dangerous to use craft glitter? There are actually a few issues with using craft glitter instead of cosmetic grade glitter, especially when you plan…

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Glitter in San Francisco!

If you’re on the streets of San Francisco any time soon, you may see some people with glitter on their faces. That’s because North Star Glitters was recently showing and selling our one-of-a-kind glitter cosmetics at the Alaska Airlines, Bay to Breakers Expo at Pier 35 in San Francisco. It was our first time showing…

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We Love Batch Numbers!

Take a close look at the makeup containers on your counter. Chances are, you will find a sequence of tiny numbers printed somewhere on the product container – those are batch numbers.  Any responsible cosmetic company will be formulating their cosmetics while keeping an accurate record of batch numbers. In fact, the FDA requires it!…

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Festival Glitter Makeup

Festival season is upon us and we at North Star Glitters could not be more excited. Great music, warm weather, the outdoors, and most importantly – glitter! Adorning your face and body with glitter has recently become a very hot trend for festival attendees and North Star Glitters is happy to help them on their…

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Vending at Mythicworlds 2017

A couple weeks ago we had the pleasure of vending our glitter products at Mythicworlds 2017 in Seattle, Washington. It was our first time at the event and we were excited to be invited into “the realm” as one of their premier vendors. Mythicworlds is an annual event that invites all who celebrate myth, legend,…

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Launching North Star Glitters

April Helliwell

Hi everyone, my name is April and eight months ago I was inspired to start making what is known as “pressed glitters” – a one step, no mess, way to apply cosmetic glitter. At first I was making pressed glitters for myself just trying to eliminate the mess traditional cosmetic glitters made. But soon after,…

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