Cosmetic vs Craft Glitter: What’s the difference?

One of the biggest questions people have in the world of glitter cosmetics is “can I use craft glitter on my face?” The answer is NO! So, what makes it so dangerous to use craft glitter? There are actually a few issues with using craft glitter instead of cosmetic grade glitter, especially when you plan to put glitter near your eyes.

The first issue with craft glitter is the material it’s made from. Although it’s less common now, craft glitter used to be made from metal shavings! Imagine getting a little piece of metal in your eye. Ouch! Today’s craft glitter usually isn’t made of metals, but since craft glitter is meant to be used in art projects instead of on the body, it isn’t regulated the way that cosmetic grade glitter is, which means you don’t always know exactly what you’re putting on your skin.

Another issue with craft glitter is the way it’s cut. If you look carefully, you can see that craft glitter is often cut into large pieces that are typically square shaped. These sharp edges can scratch your eye, causing damage. Cosmetic grade glitter is finely cut in circles, or soft edge hexagons so that there are no sharp corners, which makes it much safer to use on your face.

The final problem with using craft glitter instead of cosmetic grade glitter is the way it’s dyed. Craft glitter frequently uses dyes that leech out when they come into contact with moisture. That means any kind of cosmetic adhesive you use, or water, or sweat will cause the color to break down and run, potentially hurting your eyes.

All North Star Glitters are cosmetic grade. We believe that our products should have the safest possible ingredients. By combining glitter with our binding formula, we can ensure that our ingredients react exactly the way we want them to, so that you can sparkle safely!

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