Festival Glitter Makeup

Festival season is upon us and we at North Star Glitters could not be more excited. Great music, warm weather, the outdoors, and most importantly – glitter! Adorning your face and body with glitter has recently become a very hot trend for festival attendees and North Star Glitters is happy to help them on their journey to being sparkly!

North Star Glitters One Step Glitter cosmetics are the ideal cosmetic glitter for festival season. Not only are they super easy to use with their one step application process, they are sweat proof and water resistant! So while you dance all day and night and likely work up a sweat, you won’t have to worry about your glitter migrating all over you face and on to your clothes or even those around you. Our One Step Glitters can last up to 12 hours in the sun and heat without losing an ounce of sparkle. Are you stopping by the misters to cool off, participating in a water balloon toss, or maybe taking a quick dip in a local pond or river? No worries, your North Star Glitters One Step Glitters are locked in place to have you sparkling in and out of the water.

So now that you’ve found the ideal glitter cosmetics for your festival days, how will you use them? Our One Step Glitters look amazing anywhere on your skin. While most people default to using them on their eyelids, try coloring in your eyebrows with a deep-pigmented metallic glitter or add intense rainbow shine to your lips with a holographic glitter. The look we’ve posted here was done by @plurfestivalmakeup and they used several dynamic One Step Glitters from our Galaxy Collection palette. The Galaxy Collection palette is the easiest way to get a sampling of 12 of our most popular colors beautifully arranged in a premium North Star Glitters palette.

We love seeing you sparkle. So when you hit the fields this summer at your favorite concert or festival, glitter it up and tag @NorthStarGlitters so we can see all the creative ways you use glitter cosmetics!

Sparkle On! XO


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