Halloween Sparkle!

Halloween is right around the corner, so it’s time to start planning! Whether your costume is spooky, bewitching, or something in between, North Star Glitters can help you pull off the perfect look. Here are some makeup ideas that will make your costume stand out in a crowd:

Masquerade – Instead of wearing an actual mask, which can be uncomfortable during long nights, fill in the area with glitter that matches your dress or outfit. Consider using a darker shade around the eyes and gradually lighter colors closer to the edges for a more complex look

Mermaid – Take an old pair of fishnets and cut a section to use as a stencil. Place over the temples, cheeks, or chin. Using a small brush, fill in the holes with an aquatic color like Jessica or Shannon. Try using two or more colors for an awesome ombre effect!

Skeleton – Use Heather or Yvette to cover the top half of the face like a mask. Fill in the eye sockets with Melissa or Shawny. Use the same color as a shadow on the sides of the nose, and to create lines on the upper lip that imply skeletal teeth. Fill the lower lip with the color you used as a shadow.

Snow Queen – Use Yvette and Jessica together to create a snowy eyeshadow look. Use stencils or freehand snowflakes near the temples. Jessica can be used to make a more intricate design that gives the impression of wind carrying the snowflakes. Simply surround the snowflakes with thin curving lines and spirals using Jessica.

Vampire – Use Jackie instead of fake blood! Use a brush to create two streams from the corners of the mouth to the bottom of the chin. For an ombre vampire lip, use Jackie on the inner lip with Shawny on the outside. Blend the two colors where they meet in the center of the lips.

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