We Love Batch Numbers!

Take a close look at the makeup containers on your counter. Chances are, you will find a sequence of tiny numbers printed somewhere on the product container – those are batch numbers.  Any responsible cosmetic company will be formulating their cosmetics while keeping an accurate record of batch numbers. In fact, the FDA requires it! We at North Star Glitters strive to bring you quality glitter cosmetics while upholding FDA standards that include batch/control numbers.  Take a look at the bottom of your North Star Glitters One Step Glitter pan – you’ll find a batch number sticker on each and every pan.

These batch numbers recently helped us in a situation with a customer. She wrote to us that one of her new One Step Glitters was not working well. She stated it was a bit on the dry side and actually crumbled a bit when trying to apply it.  These are definitely NOT the way North Star Glitters One Step Glitters should be acting. We asked her to reference the batch number on the bottom of her pan. We were able to cross reference that batch number with some of our in-stock One Step Glitters.  Sure enough, she was right – there was something not quite right about that batch. We immediately pulled all the remaining pans from that batch off our shelves and also notified anyone who may have also purchased that glitter.  We were able to replace those glitters right away with a fresh new One Step Glitter that was up to North Star Glitters standards.

At North Star Glitters we want to deliver a premium glitter cosmetic with top-tier customer service and sometimes that starts with something as simple as a batch number.

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