Our New Packaging!

If you’ve been searching our shop for the perfect shades of North Star Glitters to add to your collection, you’ve probably noticed that our 36mm Lone Star glitters are on sale! That’s because we’ve decided to change our packaging and switch to our new Star Jars! So, what made us decide to switch?

As a growing business, it’s our job to figure out quickly what works and what doesn’t in terms of packaging, colors, formulas, and, of course, customer satisfaction. We noticed that the Lone Star compacts and Custom Palettes weren’t offering the optimal protection we wanted for our product! We also realized that the Lone Star compacts did not offer our customers an easy way to see what color was inside them. We know what a time saver clear packaging can be!

Enter our new clear plastic, screw top Star Jars. Not only do the jars seal more tightly, and offer more visibility than our Lone Star compacts, they also contain MORE GLITTER! Star Jars make it much easier to take your glitter on the go; they’re the perfect size for a cosmetic bag! Check them out today under our shop tab and start adding to your collection!

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