This is a holographic light periwinkle blue glitter made for an ice princess.

Star Jars: All One Step Glitter Star Jars come in their own screw top jar. Easy to carry and apply. Small enough to fit in your pocket or purse. Long lasting, no mess formula.


Glitter Type: Iridescent

This One Step Glitter is almost indescribable. It just may be one of our most elegant and pleasing pastel shades. You can’t say anything bad about the Jessica this was named after and the same is true for this amazing glitter. Is it blue? Is it pink? Is it green? The ever-changing chromatic properties of this glitter make it one of North Star Glitters best sellers.

All-Star Tip:
Layer a thin coat of Jessica to any of North Star Glitters darker glitters to create a softer and more playful look.


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