A brilliant and bold cornflower blue packing intense pigment and ultimate sparkle.

Star Jars: All One Step Glitter Star Jars come in their own screw top jar. Easy to carry and apply. Small enough to fit in your pocket or purse. Long lasting, no mess formula.


Glitter Type: Metallic

North Star Glitters carries six different types of blue glitter in three different types and multiple shades. Are you having a hard time picking just one? “Julie” may be the perfect blue. Not too dark, not too light, it’s an ideal blue pigment that will have you staring at its sparkle over and over again. Julie is a friend that will always be there for you and ready for a good time. She has all the right qualities for being a life-long friend and just like her, “Julie” is a glitter you won’t ever want to let go of.

All-Star Tip:
Be a glitter chemist! Create eye-popping shades of blue by layering Julie with other North Star Glitters blue glitter like “Sarah” or “Brooke”.


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