Translucent white glitter with a full rainbow reflect.

Star Jars: All One Step Glitter Star Jars come in their own screw top jar. Easy to carry and apply. Small enough to fit in your pocket or purse. Long lasting, no mess formula.



Glitter Type: Iridescent

Fairy dust. “Yvette” may be our most versatile glitter as it is a translucent iridescent glitter that reflects the full rainbow. She looks good with any of our glitters and can be layered on top of metallic to offer even more shimmer and shine. Fun note, “Yvette” is the only glitter not named for a real person; she was a cat. Yvette was a beautiful, deaf, all white house cat who demanded being treated like a princess. We felt this luscious sparkling white embodies the same princess qualities that Yvette did.

All-Star Tip:
“Yvette” looks good everywhere. Rub this glitter on your collarbone or shoulders for a fun body shimmer effect.


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