Custom Palettes - choose your own glitter colors!

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Choose from a two-pan compact or a six-pan palette to build your glitter collection.  Customize each with the One Step Glitters of your choosing!

2-Color Palette

6-Color Palette

Binary Stars

Choose any 2 of our glitter colors to make your own binary star compact.  What will inspire you?  Favorite sports team, school colors, or maybe just what catches your eye?  The choice is yours!

Sale! Reg. $20  SALE $10

The Lyra Palette

For the true glitter lover. Choose 6 of your favorite glitter colors to complete this premium palette. This beautiful palette is also the most cost-effective way to build your glitter collection.

Sale! Reg. $40  SALE $20


FREE SHIPPING with orders $30 or more!

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