Thank you @northstartglitters for sending me these amazing beauties..... I love their glitters because you don't need a primer as a base. They stick very well on their own!!

— mua_melyglam

Best company ever! I had so much fun yesterday with you all!

— 9lilsis9

We truly enjoyed working with North Star Glitters and including them in our subscription box for athletes in cheer, dance, and gymnastics, along with other performance and spirit sports. The quality is amazing and the product is SAFE and that is the most important to us! The reviews we received on the glitters is all positive and we hope we will be working with North Star Glitters for a long time to come.

— Christin O'Brien

These glitters are seriously so good because you don't need to use glue or primer and there's little to no fallout.

— mua_melyglam

Every girl loves to sparkle and this line goes above and beyond. Enjoyed all ages-- I highly recommend North Star Glitters!

— Summer Peacher

As a Mom, I want to have the best, safest ingredients in anything I use-- for myself and for my children. North Star Glitters has been amazing to use, my children love it, I love it and all my friends love it. Super easy to use, healthy and beautiful.

— Jessica O'Keefe

Maria, Love this color so much!!

— mua_melyglam

Very nice. 'keeping classy' indeed. So far, I've gotten up each morning and plaster my eyes, and I love it.

— boutiquebodyart

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