Vending at Mythicworlds 2017

A couple weeks ago we had the pleasure of vending our glitter products at Mythicworlds 2017 in Seattle, Washington. It was our first time at the event and we were excited to be invited into “the realm” as one of their premier vendors.

Mythicworlds is an annual event that invites all who celebrate myth, legend, and folklore from all over the world. While at the event we met faeries, mermaids, wizards, warlocks, trolls, and even a faerie smasher! Most of all, each and every person we came in contact with was full of energy and joy and was there to have a positive experience. It was a welcoming environment we were happy to be a part of.

Our North Star Glitters booth was a huge success among the Mythicworlds crowd as everyone loves glitter! We were especially popular among the faeries and mermaids who delighted in our iridescent glitters. People were very impressed with the touch a feel of our One Step Glitters. Many were expecting a gooey or sticky feel and were pleasantly surprised when they found our One Step Glitters to be soft and silky to the touch. Most importantly, people loved that our glitter products delivered the glitter sparkle they loved without the glitter mess.

Getting everything to Seattle was a learning experience. We had not yet flown our products to an event and strategically planning how we would get everything to Seattle was a feat in itself. It took six checked bags and two heavy carry-ons each to get everything we needed to the event. To protect our One Step Glitter babies, we hand-carried them onto the plane nestled tightly in shiny acrylic boxes. TSA was very interested in our One Step Glitters and did a thorough examination before letting us through. I’m guessing they don’t see that much glitter pass through their gates.

All in all, we were happy to make the trip to the Pacific Northwest and share our glitter cosmetics with the Mythicworlds community. We’ve helped make several faeries sparkle even brighter.

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